“Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth. Worship the Lord with gladness; come into His presence with singing.” Psalm 100:1-2

The Music Ministry of First Baptist Church Morganton glorifies God through a variety of musical opportunities for its visitors and members. The Music Ministry seeks to develop musical and spiritual growth, while providing a basic foundation and knowledge of hymnody (the music of the church), worship, and the use of music in the church. All music programs are open to both visitors and members.

  • Children’s Bell Choirs meet at various times during the school year.
  • Youth Choir meets on Sunday afternoons during the school year at 4:30 pm.
  • Adult Chancel Choir meets on Wednesday evenings at 7:15 pm during the school year and on Sunday mornings at 10:30 am during the summer.
  • Adult Chancel Ringers meet on Thursday evenings at 6:30 pm during the school year.

Contact for music questions: Minister of Music, 828/437-2544, ext. 16.


Children’s Bell Choirs

These choirs were started in order to reach the preschool and younger children.  The two main goals are to have fun together and develop an interest in bells and other facets of children’s music.

         Little Ringers is for children aged 4 through kindergarten.  They meet on Monday afternoons from 4:30 – 5:00. Their activities include ringing color-coded table bells but also learning high-low sounds, loud-soft sounds, how music moves, and some notation skills.  We learn musical vocabulary, simple songs, musical games and we use a variety of rhythm instruments to teach us how to follow a steady beat.

         The Young Ringers is designed for primary and elementary students.  They meet on Monday afternoons from 3:30 – 4:15. They enlarge on the skills of the preschoolers with more emphasis on notation (actually reading music), being aware of dynamics and the values of different types of notes and rests.  They use color-coded handbells and when ready, move into using our Malmark handchimes.    

         Our rehearsals include lots of variety to promote active learning.  As we close our time, we always thank God for loving us and we tell God of our love for Him through prayer and prayer songs.

Children’s Choirs
The Children’s Choir program will focus on helping children understand the worship service and the role that music plays in worship. This is accomplished through creative singing experiences, exciting musical games, and hands-on activities with instruments. 


Youth Choir
The Youth Choir is for students sixth grade through twelfth grade. This group meets on Sunday evenings as a part of our youth ministries program. This group sings in worship and at special services throughout the year. Special events such as Youth Choir Retreats and the CBFNC Youth Choir Festival are also attended.


Chancel Choir
The primary purpose of the Chancel Choir is to lead musical worship on a weekly basis. This group is open to anyone age eighteen and older. Rehearsals are weekly on Wednesday evening during the school year, immediately following Family Night programs. Summer rehearsals are on Sunday morning. This group sings a wide variety of music encompassing the standard church music literature, hymnody, and contemporary selections. Special performances include Madrigal Dinners, Hanging of the Green at Christmas, Protestant Requiems (in memory of those church members who have died) and performances of major choral works of the great masters.

Chancel Ringers
Chancel Ringers is an adult bell choir, which meets on Thursday evenings from September through May. This group rings frequently in worship, including the annual Christmas Eve Service. They participate in the North Carolina State Handbell Festival annually. The culmination of each year is the annual Morganton Area Handbell Festival, a local tradition begun by First Baptist Church in 1984. This event involves a guest clinician and handbell groups from all over the area.

We also have a Handbell Trio that meets once a week and plays for various worship opportunities.

Musical Instruments

First Baptist Church Morganton is privileged to have exceptional musical instruments for use in its music ministry. A beautiful Reuter organ which graces the sanctuary was commissioned in 1966. It is a three manual (three keyboard) pipe organ with forty-nine ranks of pipes and was given by Mrs. Minnie Reddish. 

The Church’s wonderful handbells were made by White Chapel, an old handbell company in England. They were given by Mrs. Myrtie Clarke in memory of her husband Ralph. The first handbell concert was given in 1981.

Our Schulmerick Handchimes were donated by Mr. and Mrs. Ron Black.

Our children enjoy an assortment of Orff instruments, most recently, a bass xylophone by Dr. and Mrs. David Alexander. 

The beautiful sound of carillon bells can be heard all over Morganton on the hour between 9:00 am and 8:00 pm each day and at weddings, funerals, and other special events. The bells were made by Paccard Fonderie de Cloches located in Annecy, an ancient city on the lower slopes of the French Alps. The carillon has twenty-three bells and was donated in 1985 by Mr. B.B. Mull in memory of his parents and to the honor of other family members.

In addition to the carillon, the Zimbelstern bells, a small set of brass bells, can often be heard during worship services. These bells were given by Mr. and Mrs. Gary Schattschneider in memory of Mrs. Marie Carter.