Preschool/Afterschool Ministry

We seek to provide a Christian learning center that strives to enhance the growth of children in all aspects of their development: intellectual, emotional, social, physical and spiritual.

First Baptist Preschool/Afterschool Program seeks to reflect the Christian faith in all areas of its operation. We consider it a ministry of our church for our community. It is our intention that this ministry reflect our Lord Jesus Christ and his teachings in our care for children and support for parents. Our love for children and our desire to see them grow and mature into the persons God intended them to be forms the foundation of this ministry. We believe effective education includes developmentally appropriate learning activities and stories that teach love of God, love of neighbor, respect for others, and the full development of all the gifts God has given to each child.

We seek to provide a safe, happy, peaceful, learning environment that encourages:

     - each child to learn through play.
     - each child to see himself as a unique and special individual.
     - each child to recognize the needs and rights of her neighbor.
     - each child to explore creativity and positive self-expression.
     - each child to grow in the context of relationships built on trust and mutual respect.
     - each parent in their God-given role as primary teacher.
     - each parent to be involved in the learning experiences we provide the children.

Organization of the Program

Our Preschool Program is full day and operates year round offering classes for six weeks through age four. When the demand permits, we offer a half day Preschool Program. Our half-day Program is for four year olds Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and operates from September through June. Please consult our Preschool Brochure for more information.

Our School Age Program offers afterschool, teacher work day care, and summer camp for children from Kindergarten through their sixth grade summer. The Program provides transportation from certain elementary and middle schools to First Baptist during the school year. The schools are selected based on registration requests, space on our buses, and logistics such as driving routes and times. Please consult our School Age Brochure for more information.

The Preschool /Afterschool Director administrates the Program with support from an Administrative Assistant. The Church’s Minister of Education and the Church’s Preschool / Afterschool Committee provide oversight, direction, and guidance. The Program is a ministry component of First Baptist Church Morganton and functions under the administrative auspices of the church.

The Preschool/Afterschool Program is funded primarily with monthly tuition money paid by parents. Funds are also received from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Service Program, Smart Start through the Burke County Smart Start, scholarships, child care subsidy payments from Departments of Social Services, and in-kind support from First Baptist Church . We are an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Our Program is licensed yearly by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Child Development. Licensing involves compliance with criteria in areas such as teacher education, curriculum, the quality of child/staff interactions, health and safety, and record-keeping requirements. Our program has a five star rated child care license from the state of North Carolina. This accreditation and rated license, which are voluntary, require lower child/staff ratios, enhanced quality programming, higher teacher education requirements, and a high degree of parent involvement.

Preschool Educational Philosophy

We endorse a developmentally appropriate approach to early childhood education. This approach is child-oriented rather than content-oriented with the primary focus being upon the environment where the learning actually takes place. Our classrooms are organized by interest areas where children are allowed free choice and child-initiated play. In fact, First Baptist preschool children happily say that they “play” all day, but much teacher preparation precedes their play experiences. Less focus is given to “teaching” and more to “facilitating” learning. Children are encouraged to grow socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually.

Objectives of the School Age Program

The Program is designed to provide each child with care and protection on days when parents are absent from home. The Program aims to:

     - Help each child gain the social and personal adjustment needed for daily living.
     - Problem solving skills and self-discipline are high priority goals for each child.
     - Support the cognitive development of school age children.
     - Help each child develop skills in appropriate sports or games.
     - Encourage each child in developing his/her creative potential.

Contact Person

Karma Spann, Preschool/Afterschool Program Director,
PO Box 1327, Morganton, NC 28680
828/433-1018, [email protected]

We are an equal opportunity provider and employer.

The kids enjoyed their last day of Summer Camp 2022 with a waterslide. They also surprised our chef, Suzette, with a cookie-cake and flowers, in honor of her hard work feeding the kids this summer.